The John Coltrane House - A Non-Profit Charitable Organization 501c3

Through a grant from the 1772 Foundation
completion of the restoration of the porch
is now  finished. 

Preservation specialist contractor Andrew Palewski and Youthbuild students
positioning pillar to be reinstalled on porch at John Coltrane house. 

Past Events:
National Historic Landmark Fall Fundraiser
Sunday, October 13 2013
Guided Tours
Your donation will further our mission to restore this century old historic house that was home to John Coltrane during the most critical point of his music career:
Where Coltrane lived when he signed his first record contract and released his first album
Where he wrote Giant Steps – the breakthrough composition  that remains the benchmark measure of jazz instrumental mastery
Where he experienced the spiritual awakening that was the turning point of his life and completely changed the jazz landscape
Tour Schedule:
 Tour length approximately 45 minutes
Just steps away from the Coltrane House, there will be live jazz in Fairmount Park along 33 Street from Diamond to Oxford from 1 to 4PM. Fairmount Park event hosted by the Philadelphia Jazz Project.
Coltrane Birthday Celebration
September 21-22 2013
The Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz
We will have a table selling T-shirts, Magnets, Buttons and Posters -Birthday Special Prices!
July 27, 2013
The John Coltrane House/ 1511 N. 33 Street/ Philadelphia, PA
2:00 -  4:30 PM
Guided tours of House –donation required
4:30 – 6:30PM – Free!!! Jazz Concert
(For comfort bring a lawn chair)
The John Coltrane House National Historic Landmark is hosting another high quality live music event. FREE!!! 
WRTI’s Michael J. Harrison MC
The Abdur Rashid Group
Abdur Rashid – Piano/Umar Rahim  - Saxes
 Tyrone Brown –Bass/Alan Nelson – Drums
 Mosez-Marlon Merritt – Guitars
This event is one of a series in this inaugural year of our Restoration and Revitalization Program to raise support and funds for the John Coltrane House Preservation Project initiated and directed by The John Coltrane House non profit organization. We welcome assistance and expertise from all groups, public and private, and from individuals in this effort designed to preserve for this community, this city, this country and the world a piece of geographical history that was instrumental in producing and sustaining one of the world’s most influential musicians. As a fundraiser the Coltrane House is hosting guided tours of the House from2:00 -4:30 PM. $10.00 donation. 
Funding for the Abdur Rashid group is provided through the Tennessee based non profit,
The Excelsior School of Music and the Arts.
Saturday, July 20
A historic collaboration between three of Philadelphia's noteworthy historic sites, Smith Playground, The Uptown Theatre, and The John Coltrane House takes place Saturday, July 20, 9:45 AM, at 33rd and Cecil B Moore Ave. The celebratory occasion is the SEPTA extension of the # 3 bus line from its regular last stop at 33rd and Cecil B. Moore onto the grounds of Smith's Playground. The extended route is scheduled Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 AM to4:00 PM during the summer. The dynamic Clef Club Youth Jazz Ensemble will perform as part of the celebration. Smith Playground, the Uptown Theatre, the John Coltrane House, and SEPTA have joined hands to provide greater access to play, music, music education, and jazz to Philadelphia's children. The John Coltrane House is just down the road and across the street from Smith Playground.
July 18, 2013 In Brewerytown Getting Down!
Our Friends in Brewerytown along with the Philadelphia Jazz Project organized a benefit concert in our behalf at Veteran’s Park, July 18.The John Coltrane House thanks MM Partners, LLC for spearheading this effort and bringing together Brewerytown businesses and the food trucks. It had to be the muggiest evening of the summer so far, but despite the sultry heat a good crowd turned out, and an enjoyable time was had by all. The Alfie Pollitt Trio’s outstanding musicianship helped keep people’s minds off the heat and folks had a great time listening, talking, munching food truck goodies, and drinking cool beverages. Thanks Brewerytown businesses for bringing the community together and raising money for the John Coltrane House!
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John Coltrane House Benefit Concert
July 1, 2013
YouthBuild students to work at the
 John Coltrane House.
YouthBuild will be contributing several students to work on porch restoration at the John Coltrane House this fall. In YouthBuild programs, low income young people ages 16 to 24 work full-time for 6 to 24 months toward their GED’s or high school diplomas while learning job skills by building affordable housing in their communities. The students will be working under the direction of a certified preservation specialist approved by the Preservation Alliance. The students will learn techniques used to restore building materials used at the turn of the 19th century. The work of Youthbuild students as part of their course of study will lessen the labor costs of restoration.
Many thanks YouthBuild!
From our collaboration with the Preservation Alliance
June 28, 2013 
The John Coltrane House receives
preservation grant from the1772 Foundation!
 The 1772 Foundation has awarded the John Coltrane House a grant to continue our restoration of the front porch. The grant will restore porch windows, window framework, and original pillars. Work will begin this fall. The grant from the 1772 Foundation was acquired through the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. The 1772 Foundation provides funds for restoration projects across the nation “to preserve our architectural and cultural history for future generations.” The John Coltrane House thanks the1772 Foundation and the Preservation Alliance for their assistance and contribution to our mission of preserving the John Coltrane House National Historic Landmark.
Reception for Maxine Gordon-June 22, 2013
As a summer kick-off event to increase awareness of and support for John Coltrane’s National Historic Landmark home in Philadelphia, the John Coltrane House is hosting an open house June 22, 2:00 to 4:00PM. Our very special guest is Maxine Gordon, widow of the great Dexter Gordon. Alfie Pollitt and Abdur Rashid, two of the area’s most distinguished jazz pianists will provide live music on the
John Coltrane House baby grand piano. 
Our friends, supporters, jazz and John Coltrane fans will have the opportunity to experience John Coltrane’s original condition one hundred year old historic house, enjoy outstanding live music, and meet Maxine Gordon. 
Maxine Gordon is both nationally and internationally recognized for her work with the Dexter Gordon Foundation. Remembrance and celebration of 20 century jazz giants like Dexter Gordon and John Coltrane is crucial to keeping their music and artistic legacy alive in the 21 century and passed on to future generations.
Enjoy an afternoon of good company and excellent music. Refreshments.
This event is FREE!!! Invitation only.
John Coltrane House Tour
September 23rd  2012
The John Coltrane House partners with Art Sanctuary
in an exciting program to celebrate
John Coltrane's Birthday!
1511 North 33rd Street 11:00am-7:00pm
John Coltrane's creative genius brought to reality the possibilities for good he saw in music. His music enriches and empowers the mind, body, and soul.
Coltrane brought jazz not just to a higher level but to a whole new dimension.
In celebration of Coltrane's 86th Birthday,
for the first time ever John Coltrane's Philadelphia home
will be open to the general public!!
View this century old historic house and  join us in  our mission
to restore this irreplaceable treasure.
Celebrate John Coltrane's Birthday with a walk  through his space
at The  John Coltrane House National Historic Landmark
1511 North 33rd Street, Philadelphia,
$10.00 Donation
Alfie Pollitt Trio with Allen Nelson
and Nimrod Speakes at 6:00pm!!!
Art Sanctuary Coltrane Birthday Jazz Concert
at the Church of the Advocate FREE!!!
18th and Diamond Streets
"John Coltrane... His gift is directly from God
and is very powerful!" -Carlos Santana.
BLACK MUSIC MONTH!   June 29, 2012
The Comeback “Philly Style” at the Painted Bride
The John Coltrane House was there!
Special thanks to Isaac Hamm, CEO of IM3Media, creator of the Black Music Month event The Comeback “Philly Style,” who  warmly embraced the John Coltrane House. Hamm saw the preservation of John Coltrane’s National Historic Landmark Philadelphia home as integrally connected to the mission of IM3Media’s The Comeback “Philly Style” to preserve black music and culture and Philadelphia’s important contributions, while offering new and upcoming performers a platform.
Hamm had invited The John Coltrane House to set up an information table with donation jar. There was also an Emcee announcement about our organization and video presentation. Thank you, Isaac.
Thank You
St. Martin-in-the Fields Episcopal Church
The generous congregation and pastor of St. Martin’s donated the collection proceeds of their jazz vespers Ascension Eve service to the John Coltrane House National Historic Landmark.
The Rector Jarrett Kerbel of St. Martin’s has been a Coltrane enthusiast since college. When Rev. Kerbel found out that Coltrane was from Philly and that Coltrane has an historic house here, he felt he had to help in The John Coltrane House campaign to raise money to restore the property. St. Martin’s congregation agreed.
The John Coltrane House is thrilled with St. Martin’s joining our cause. Their contribution is confirmation of their confidence in our organization and in our ability to realize our goal for restoration of John Coltrane’s historic home.
Thank you St. Martin’s for your donation and for your faith in The John Coltrane House.
April 13- A Great Day at the John Coltrane House !!!
It was a morning of jubilation and reunion as jazz musicians, some of whom had not seen each other for years, hugged, exchanged joyful greetings, and retold favorite stories.
More than one hundred fifty strong, they had come from allover the Philadelphia region and beyond to meet at the John Coltrane House and be part of a group photo entitled
“A Great Day in Philadelphia.”
The jazz organizations that brought the musicians together for the photo sought to putt he spotlight on the John Coltrane House on Jazz Day.  With the participation of the city’s Arts and Culture office and the mayor, jazz musicians and organizations hoped to galvanize local, national, and international support to raise money to make immediately needed repairs at John Coltrane’s National Historic Landmark residence. The property, though currently unoccupied, retains an exceptionally high degree of interior integrity and is completely authentic to the time that John Coltrane lived there.  
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JAZZ DAY 2012 at The Coltrane House Philadelphia
Special Visit From Yasuhiro Fujioka!!!
Globe trotting Coltrane biographer Fuji was back in Philadelphia and visited the Coltrane House on 33 Street and our office next to the Philadelphia Clef Club on Fitzwater Street. Fuji presented The John Coltrane House founder Lenora Early with a copy of his recently published third Coltrane biography.
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Coltrane House Book Collection

March 17-Celebrating Women's History Month 
Celebrating Women’s History Month brother-in-law Leo Gadson brought  women’s string quartet, Eboni Strings to the Ethical Society Auditorium. Eboni Strings is headed by Kathleen Thomas, veteran violinist, career music educator, and arranger for the group. Other members of the quartet were partner and veteran violinist Tanya Murphy joined by undergraduate music majors Ashley Vines on viola and Kristine Raymond on cello. These four classy ladies gave a well received,relaxing, family friendly performance of pop, jazz, and classical favorites.
November 5-Workshops
John Coltrane  House music consultant, Alfie Pollit, arranged with Lovett Hines, education director at the Philadelphia Clef Club, for Barry Harris, the man who taught Alfie piano, to conduct 3 master classes there this past Saturday. For a mere ten dollars participants were able to avail themselves of the vast musical knowledge and teaching experience of this sage old timer. Both novices and experts were in attendance and many were made to acknowledge shortcomings as Harris took participants through exercises he considered indispensable at a basic level that quite a few were having to stretch to reach. He refused to dumb down his expectations, and he urged participants to be “intelligent.” In fact, Harris pronounced dumbed down musicians to not be musicians at all. He conducted his classes with wit and style, and the event was a great success. In discussion now at the Clef Club is the possibility of having Barry Harris Workshops scheduled quarterly.
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Master Class
Oct. 24 - Article
 Article on TJCH in Temple University’s online newspaper!
Oct. 4
 Through contact information supplied to him by Fuji, David Tegnell, music scholar, has been corresponding with the TJCH. Tegnell is curator of the Coltrane exhibit at the High Point Museum in North Carolina. He is providing a great deal of information on the genealogy of Coltrane’s family.
Sept. 28-
Surprise visit by Yasuhiro, “Fuji” Fujioka!
A surprise visit to the John Coltrane House Philadelphia office on Fitzwater Street by Yasuhiro, “Fuji” Fujioka. Fuji is a renowned authority on John Coltrane and a collector of Coltrane memorabilia.
Sept 23-
John Coltrane 85th Birthday Tribute!
The September 23John Coltrane birthday tribute at the Philadelphia Ethical Society sponsored by the Producers Guild was a triumph of virtuoso performance by bass master Reggie Workman. For the modest ticket price of $30.00, that barely covered costs, audience members were privileged to witness a priceless performance.
 Philly’s own Carl Grubbs’ sax performance was equally outstanding, giving more than fitting tribute to the legendary achievements in music of John Coltrane. Like Workman, Grubbs had played with Coltrane as a young man. Coltrane fans had the rare opportunity to hear two of his associates and younger contemporaries playing together forty five years after Coltrane’s death.
Among the audience was Sayeeda Coltrane  (also known as Antonia Anderson) As a young child, Sayeeda moved to the Coltrane House when her mother, Naima, married John Coltrane. In conversation, Sayeeda spoke briefly about living in the House, saying she had many fond memories and proclaimed the back staircase to have been her favorite hangout.
The John Coltrane House setup an information table,
the first public announcement of our organization.
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Birthday Celebration/Reggie Workman
Now Playing:
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John Coltrane & Tadd Dameron Quartet - Mating Call