The John Coltrane House - A Non-Profit Charitable Organization 501c3

  Through a grant from the 1772 Foundation,
completion of the restoration of the porch is now finished!  
Preservation specialist contractor Andrew Palewski and Youthbuild students
positioning pillar to be reinstalled on porch at John Coltrane house. 


TRANE’S HOUSE/1511 N33 Street
During the years (1952-58) that Coltrane lived on N. 33 Street, the house was often referred to as Trane’s House by many Philadelphians who were part of the jazz scene and by local fans that frequented the live music bars and clubs. His Strawberry Mansion neighbors were well aware of his presence in their midst, and stories of how Coltrane played his horn on the front porch and in the park across the street are still told by old timers in the neighborhood. Strawberry Mansion residents spoke of Coltrane’s house. Coltrane’s National Historic Landmark Philadelphia home is the essential location in his development as a musician.  It is where
  • In 1957, he experienced the spiritual awakening which was to fundamentally change the jazz landscape and create a new mystical and devotional jazz
  • He honed his saxophone skills to virtuoso level through a grueling practice regimen, and intensive formal music study
  • He signed his first record contract
  • He lived when his first album as band leader, Coltrane, was released
  • He lived when Blue Train, a hard bop classic that established his reputation as a brilliant composer and an exceptionally adept instrumentalist, was released.
  • He worked on compositions for his breakthrough album Giant Steps that made the jazz world take note of a unique and masterful voice now on the scene
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